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espacio con diseños biofílicos y las mejores marcas de mobiliario
Who we are

Born over 30 years ago

Sutega is nowadays part of STGGroup, providing us with all the resources to execute Design&Build projects with total autonomy and establish ourselves as a global reference.

With Galician DNA and a multidisciplinary senior team with a wealth of talent and an abundance of passion, our ambition is to create unique personalised environments, pursuing excellence in the results and the trust of our clients throughout the entire process.

One on one

We are different

Being part of STGGroup and working under the same roof as in-house specialists in every area of Design&Build makes us a fully comprehensive team to develop projects without a middleman.

Meet our team

Global ambition with the soul of artisans

Group identity

We created STGGroup in order to bring together the different companies and brands of the group under the same umbrella.


USA consolidation

We strengthened our presence in Miami through RGS Europe, an alliance with Ramón García.


New business model

We incorporated Design and Interior Architecture to the services we offer to develop D&B projects. Our LAB. spaces are born to accommodate the whole team.


Construction department

We began to execute construction work with the addition of a new department and specialised personnel.


International expansion

We arrived in USA and LATAM with the creation of the company Sutega USA and Sutega Mexico Corporations.


In-house production

We incorporated the woodworking company Suyma+ for the execution of special projects.


Corporate merger

All our business lines are grouped into the parent company.


National expansion

We opened new branches in Madrid, Vigo, and Asturias.


Specialisation in fit-out projects

We became established as providers of specialised services in home furniture, geriatric equipment and execution of renovations.


New business lines

We incorporated Audiovisual, Printshop and Topography services


The birth of Sutega

We began as a distributor of leading furniture and stationery brands.


Our reach

Unprecedented human, productive and logistical capacities

That allow us to nurture our global spirit and not set limits on our creativity.




sqm of workspace


logistics hubs


production centres





We think differently

Compromise, dedication and professionality are some of our fundamental pillars to be your trusted partner

Closeness and Involvement

We like to work closely with our clients so as to offer them the best possible solutions and, most importantly, to be by their side on the path towards their transformation.

Flexibility and Agility

As well as completely adapting to the individual needs of each client and each project, we also have the ability to react quickly to any challenge that may arise.

Excellence and Quality

We choose processes that ensure quality and achieve results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Solvency and Guarantee

Our 33-year trajectory as a consolidated company warrants our present and future work.

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