Technological integration


What we do for you

Technological systems of different nature and typology working as one and ready for use

All our integrations are done based on the ad-hoc engineering model intended for each project to interconnect audiovisual solutions, IoT, telecommunications, interactive sensors, unified communications, automation, etc.

We have all the technical and human resources to offer a comprehensive service that includes programming, content development, user training, support and maintenance. All of it personalised.

Installation and implementation of technological systems, whatever their format and type, interconnected so as to function in a synchronised, controlled, and simplified way

What makes us different

We make sure that the technology is neither visible nor complicated, but that it is perceived and used

  • Recognised technological integration professionals, we are members of AVIXA
  • Over 20 professionals specialised in audiovisual solutions and certified by the most acclaimed brands in the AV industry
  • In-depth knowledge of each product and of how to integrate its components to breathe life into the designed model
  • We interpret the project as a whole to meet the needs of all those involved, both users and individuals, as well as organisations from different fields

Our process

We take care of every field and aspect in a comprehensive way

We listen

Understanding of needs and goals.

We inspire

Personalised design and budget. We collaborate and contribute value engineering.

We put the project together

Construction and fit-out. We manage and solve. We deliver.

We nurture


Who is our service aimed at?

Our passion for interior architecture knows no boundaries. We design for organisations from various fields, as well as unique homes.